• Daud’s Father
  • Daud
  • Yoav
  • Aishah
  • Daud’s Mother
  • Moshe
  • Mendy
  • Dovi
  • Yosef
  • Yeshiva Rabbi
  • Yeshiva Teacher
  • Rami
  • Rami’s Mother
  • Yoav’s Aunt
  • Yoav’s Mom

Akhram is an aspiring actor from Brooklyn, who spends his time in college and working as a lifeguard when he is not traveling for auditions. Playing Rami was his first acting role.

Q. How did you get involved in David?
A. I met Joel at the Arab American Association in Brooklyn before I knew anything about David. He told me about his directing and I told him I'm interested in building a career as an actor, and didn't think it would go past that. Then Joel called me one day for an audition for a film he was working on, next thing I know I was on set of David!

Q. What was main thing you brought to your character, and took away from playing your character?
A. One main thing I brought to the character was the appearance of an Americanized Arab boy, but one whom has a more traditional Muslim character when it comes to issues like family and marriage.   

Q. What was your favorite moment during production?
A. My favorite moment would have to be first stepping foot on set. It was my first official moment as an actor, my beginning to a career I've been trying to climb, with David being my first step.