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Rami’s Mother

Ayse is a New York-based actor and writer of Turkish descent. Her acting credits include appearances in Law & Order, Sex and the City, The David Letterman Show, What Would You Do?, Oh Boy (short film she wrote which was in Cannes, 2008), independent Film Book of Truth and Lies (her character won a best comedy award), and O Jerusalem at the Flea Theater directed by Jim Simpson. When not acting she writes, teaches young kids drama, and has a company – the Turkish American Repertory Theater & Entertainment. 

Q. What was main thing you brought to your character, and took away from playing your character?
A. I tried to be realistic, based upon watching neighbors in Turkey, for the matchmaking scene. I saw my character as a strong Muslim woman who runs a business and wants the best for her son. Instead of playing a character I wanted to bring the character to life with those qualities, based upon my real life experience.

Q. What was your favorite moment during production?
A. Almost every moment because I got to work with my dear friend Gamze and an absolutely sweet and hardworking group of people!  

Q. Any other comments you would like to make?
A. I believe we all can make the world a much better place with love and respect for one another. It doesn't matter if you are Muslim or Jewish or Christian or if you don't believe anything. Love and respect will bring us a better world.