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Q. How did you get involved in David?
A.This remarkable meeting and subsequent journey started when we met Joel Fendelman at a local kosher diner. I was at the right place - at the right time. My father calls it - serendipity. It was certainly by chance that my family and I were enjoying lunch, when Joel Fendelman introduced himself and his crew, about his plans for a movie involving a Jewish and Muslim boy. A discussion progressed to a meeting, followed by yet another meeting. We reached a mutual agreement and I was given consent to participate in the movie.

Q. What do you do when you are not acting?
A. My priority has always been to do very well in school. Everything after that is Sports, Sports and more Sports.

Q. What was the main thing you brought to your character, and took away from playing your character?
A. I would describe this in several words - realistic, genuine, authentic. I just wanted to be myself and portray my character in a positive light.

Q. What was your favorite moment during production?
A. The basketball scene and enjoying time at the park.

Q. What was the most difficult thing about your involvement in the film?
A. The conflict between Jews and Muslims is very old, but to me it was simply, foreign. As a thirteen year old you don’t dwell on these topics, that's for adults. I did believe at the time, that it was a great chance for me to further my understanding of the differences that exist between the two people. The conflict between Jews and Muslims is often considered to be a very delicate issue to tackle, and even just to discuss. Once I read the script to the movie, I recognized that I would have an opportunity to deal with this intricate topic. To have the ability to reflect an unbiased message that Jewish and Muslim children are able to coexist with one another, it was something I was unable to dismiss.

Q. Any other comments you would like to make?
A. Shooting the movie was a wonderful experience and that's what made it worthwhile. Moreover, it was a great experience to be able to learn about a different culture, a different religion and more about life in general. In fact, after meeting Muatasem, the boy who plays Daud, I realized that we have many similarities, more than I originally thought. It truly was an eye opening experience.