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Daud’s Mother

Gamze is a NY based actress and a graduate from the William Esper Studio. She has work on eight independent films, as well as numerous roles in NYC theatre productions. She is Turkish, and lived for years in Germany and the UK.

Q. What did you bring to the role of Fatima?
A. I think I brought some warmth to Fatima, rather then being a stern parent. I appreciate my own mom more by playing a mom!

Q. What was your favorite moment on set?
A. When I got a shoulder massage from Muatasem!

Q. How did you connect with the film?
A. I connected with the film on many levels. For example, the daughter wanting to live life and be free, that is me in real life. I had to insist on my freedom, encourage and reassure my parents to let go a little so I can grow and evolve, and that I will not be lost and have a bad ending somewhere, but that I'll be fine and strong and stand on my own two feet; that I am capable. That is hard for any parent, but for a family from a Muslim culture, where family is EVERYTHING, it is even harder to let go. I know it comes from love, but we all need room to grow.