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Yoav’s Aunt

Marjorie is a New York based actor with years of experience. Her most recent film project was a role in Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, and she has done both television and commercial work. When not acting she sells hot dogs in Times Square. Q. What is the main thing you brought to your character? A. I think I brought an honesty concerning a real life situation, and I took away the realization of how much it really affected me. My scene was difficult as it forced me to re-live the embarrassment of the situation I told the boys about in my scene (which was a true story from my life).

Q. What was your favorite moment on set?
A. My favorite moment was working with the two boys in my scene. They were so real and natural.

Q. How did you connect with your character?
A. I connected very much with the stories in the film. I have good friends who are Muslim, and I have witnessed situations that occur in the film in real life; in particular the sister wanting to attend college in California. I also brought in some of my real life experiences into my role and dialogue.

Q. Any other comments?
A. I thoroughly enjoyed working on David...the cast, crew, producers, director were fantastic!