• Daud’s Father
  • Daud
  • Yoav
  • Aishah
  • Daud’s Mother
  • Moshe
  • Mendy
  • Dovi
  • Yosef
  • Yeshiva Rabbi
  • Yeshiva Teacher
  • Rami
  • Rami’s Mother
  • Yoav’s Aunt
  • Yoav’s Mom

Markus lives in upstate New York, and has been involved in acting for several years. David was Markus’ debut in a feature narrative. Markus auditioned for the role of one of the Jewish boys, and had a callback for the part of Moishe. In order to get the role Markus needed to cut his hair and put on a more conservative look! Being Jewish, working on David was a great experience to engage with different religious situations and locations.

Q. What he does:
A. I love watching movie, making movies, being in movies!

Q. Favorite production moment:
A. Riding the Cyclone at Coney Island!

Q. Most difficult aspect of production:
A. The heat! It was really hot both outside and in the interior shots in the yeshiva classroom.