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  • Daud’s Mother
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  • Mendy
  • Dovi
  • Yosef
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Michael has been acting for several years in student films, shorts, and commercials. David was his first feature film.

Q. What do you do when you are not acting?
A. When I’m not acting I’m playing and listening to music (drums and guitar) or I’m with my friends or family. My free time plays a big part in my acting career because it gives me time to do regular “kid stuff” and to take workshops and classes in acting.

Q. What is the main thing you brought to your character, and took away from playing your character? 
A. When I read the script and thought about the character, he seemed like someone who didn’t want to be replaced as Yoav's friend but didn’t want his friends to see that he felt this way. I applied that to his character. 

Q. What was the most difficult thing about your involvement in the production? 
A. The most difficult thing about my involvement in the film was perfecting how I wanted to say my lines and my facial expressions because, considering it was my first feature, I didn’t want to settle for less than perfect. 

Q. How do you connect with the stories in the film? 
A. I connect to the stories in the film easily because everywhere you go you see people trying to fit in and not showing who they really are. I also see in my group of friends, occasionally, some of us having problems with the others but we always get over it.