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Muslim and Jewish Advisors

Asmi Fathelbab was born & raised within Kensington and Bay Ridge Brooklyn. She spent most of her young life within a Hasidic community and adult life within a very Islamic one. She’s a PhD student studying Psychology, but had studied religion for her BA degree, stemming from being a Muslim student within a Catholic School. Asmi was approached by Joel while she was the youth coordinator at the Arab American Association. Asmi helped with authenticity and accuracy from language dialect to props for the Muslim Arab parts of the film.

Yuta Silverman is a filmmaker in her own right. Her first feature “Arranged” tackled similar issues of identity with Muslims and Jews through women. Born and bred orthodox in Borough park where the Jewish side of the film was made, Yuta was able to act as an advisor for all Jewish Orthodox elements in the film. She helped with refining and tweaking the script as well as securing some key locations.

Both Yuta and Asmi can relate to the film personally as they can identify how it feels to be part of a non mainstream sector and relate to the characters as they face unique challenges.